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It’s Friday…Look at this Friggin Staring Contest

July 16, 2010

Although this b-l-o-g strives always to promote the more positiver aspects of imagination, and of imagination in the hopes that others will also imagine imagining positively I turn now to the teensy-weensiest bit of negativity. Or nonsensical critique, whichever one prefers.

The new Trump Tower in Chicago and I don’t get along. We used to be able to stand each others’ company, but now we’re calling ahead to parties to make sure we won’t cross paths. It’s so awkward that, for the sake of our mutual friends, I have decided to put an end to the situation by calling a staring contest. In this way, all the world will know who is truly the mightier.

Today, I stare into the emotional abyss and into the silly, cartoonish glazing of the Burj Dubai‘s stunted cousin.

Trump Tower, Chicago. First-time staring contest participant. Thanks to solarwind-chicago.

Maiden Voyage's blazing eyes of fury. 1989 staring contest champion, Brownie Troop #180.

For another staring contest (this one between a man and a muppet) check out this YouTube Vid.

Happy dappy Friday!

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