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(2) Nests or: (2) Clouds

July 21, 2010

Ever notice something that makes you think of another, more different, thing?

I do.

Here’s an example of this process, which I call ‘reminderizing’.

See this? It's a thing I saw in a book.

The photo above is cloud. by Elspeth Diederix, whose work gets right under my skin and transports me express-ticket style to some other world. One that I like at least as good as this one.

I saw this on the North Avenue Beach in Chicago early this spring. I was like, "Hey, I am feeling reminderized about that Elspeth Diederix photo that I saw in a book one time."

Go to Elspeth Diederix’ website, if you haven’t already. Go. Go. Look at it.

Here’s the book I found her in – a random find at a relatively sparse library (at least when it comes to architecture-type books). It’s worth a look, a buy and/or a read.

And here is an archidose post on the event/installation to which the book is related.

Also, feel free to petition the Oxford English Dictionary to add ‘reminderize’ to their next edition.

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