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It’s Friday…Look at These Friggin Stickers

August 6, 2010

Hey! There is nothing in the world that girls like better than stickers.


However, and even more seriously I present to you these stickers. Because it’s Friday. And because I’m a girl.

Oh. My. The fox. The hedgehog. Are they friends? What about the bumblebee colors? Someone has cleverly calibrated this item to appeal to me with a drug-like intensity.

SOURCE: Cabinet magazine. Someday I’ll be a subscriber…if only so’s I can look at their sweet logo all the time in my mailbox. But I hear it’s a great publication as well. I mean, in addition to their having this great logo.

This is funny (real funny) but not a joke. Can you guess where one sticks them?

SOURCES: Fashionista, Solutions That Stick

Happy Sticker: Sticks by Itself. Mama is so proud of you, Happy Sticker. I add the puffy sticker for sheer nostalgia value.

SOURCE: Great piece on the puffy sticker at Let’s Anime.

Good end of week to you! Each and every one!

*Commence ringing of bells.*

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