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Fred Muram Kisses Oft-Neglected Parts.

August 9, 2010

I read about this artist on a blog (that I can’t remember) last winter and thus think I may be a bit behind the times on this topic, but I will post anyhow. I do so because these images and this concept are stuck in my head like a really good song that’s played just enough but not too much so that you still like it a lot – like, even for a year.

Fred Muram is a badass. Please view the photos below from his series Kissing the Ceiling for proof.

"Whatchu doin?"... "Oh, nothing." ... "So, did you want broccoli for dinner tonight, or..."

Yours truly would break a doorknob if she tried to pull this one off but this lady must have left her mass at home.

Things and reasons for liking this work:

(1) I love slick use of a square format. In a world full of portraits and landscapes, the humble square is an oft overlooked graphic format. Look at the contemporist for more pretty squares.

(2) The concept revolves around kissing.

(3) The best thing and reason for liking, however, is that the narrative represented here is so friggin normal. Have some juice, kiss the ceiling. Boyfriend reads the paper, kiss the ceiling. Fabulous.

Every time I see them, these photos half convince me that I will encounter a ceiling-kisser around the next corner, in the conference room, in my bed when I wake up in the morning. I think that they place the fantastic squarely within reason and entreat the viewer to believe in this – loving – reality. I’m in.


Kissing the ceiling is easy when you live in a garden apartment.

All images from the artist’s website.

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