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It’s Friday…Look at these Friggin Lamps

August 20, 2010

I love lamp.

In another life, I go to art school or study industrial design and afterward spend my days in a rural workshop that glows with the warm light of all my lampy endeavors.

No. 1) Alex Randall. Alex Randall. Alex Randall.

Image from the artist's blog. Yes, those are real pigeons. Yes, I am in love with Ms. Randall's work.

No. 2) mammalampa.

'The Bride' pendant lamp. From the design firm's website. Luscious!

No. 3)  Lindsey Adelman

'Knotty Bubbles' from the artist's website. Making lamps just looks SO friggin fun. Le sigh...

Happy Friday, FOLKS!

P. S. As if these lamps weren’t exciting enough, check out these Lamp Girls for something a little spicy.

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