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Drop Everything. Go See this Art in Chicago.

September 20, 2010

Hi. This is a for serious request, nay, plea that you improve your quality of life by visiting these art shows in Chicago. They cured my hangover, boggled my mind and took me on a three-day trip to Palm Springs.Yeah. They’re that generous.

I post the images below with great respect for the artists that created them and for the galleries that have so beautifully curated the work. It’s gallery experiences like these that make me wish I had gone to art school just for the vocabulary to properly discuss them. Bangarang.

STOP No. 1 & 2) Packer Schopf Gallery

Michael Ferris Jr., Sculpture and Process Drawings. Images below from the artist’s website.

Oh, colors - oh, boy. I am breathless already, but then, THEN (!!!) the measurements layered on top...someone bring me the smelling salts. These are working drawings for sculptures like the one shown below.

I'm just straight up going to kiss you.

Paintings by Frank Trankina, Wall Tales and Shelf Stories. Images below from the gallery’s website.

Precision swoon.

STOP No. 3 & 4) Western Exhibitions

Ben Stone, sculpture and painting. Mostly sculpture, but then the one painting, too. Image below from the gallery website.

My new best friend, Dean. I'm going to tell him all my secrets!

Article on Ben Stone, published in Chicago’s Newcity, The Sport of Violence: We’re Living in the Ben Stone Age

Last but not least (!) – watercolors and video by Joey Fauerso. Image below from the gallery website.

Film still from 'Me Time'. Brings the giggles something fierce.

And I say in conclusion,”Go. Go right now. Go today and tomorrow. You’ll be glad you did.”

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  1. chris wood permalink
    September 20, 2010 12:13 pm

    Good idea!
    What a shady cast of characters Ben Stone has presented us. Don’t believe for a second that Dean can be trusted with your secrets.

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