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The Renegade Rundown, Pt.1

December 5, 2010

I spent the afternoon at the Renegade Art Fair this afternoon and want to share what I thought were the best booths at the show. Okay, here we go – it’s going to be hard not to post a million billion pictures of all the sheer badassery. All of the images below are taken from the artists’ websites.

No. 1) Tugboat Printshop – Woodblock prints. I’m not even posting my personal favorite (Golden Apple Tree) below because the photo just doesn’t do it justice. Check out that print and others on their website, which is a treasure trove of work and process photos. You heard me. Treasure trove.


Trojan Unicorn Pegasus

No. 2) Up In the Air Somewhere – ceramics and housewares.

Okay, take a deep breath, cos here comes some hot stuff. These pieces were so gorgeous they almost hurt my eyes. The fragility of the work at this booth was palpable, the walls of ceramic so thin that I sort of held my breath when I leaned in to get a better look. Also, white and gold. I will have some more white and gold things, please. Thanks.

Gold lip dish. I love the restraint with which the gold leaf is applied to just the edge of this guy (and his friends, including a tiiiiiny spoon).

Factory vessels. "Inspired by the industrial landscape".

No. 3) Laura Lombardi Jewelry – small felt animals. I kid, it’s jewelry.

There was a lot of jewelry on sale at the fair, but Laura Lombardi’s booth is the only one that truly tempted me to make a purchase. I get the feeling that there are pretty low standards for what counts as jewelry fit for sale to the public. I mean, I like making earrings, too, but come on. The work at this booth easily surpassed all others in aesthetic and material quality, not to mention the slick setup (fairly minimal with just a few pelts and trays on which the pieces were displayed). This lady sure knows what’s up.

Brass bar earrings.

Small sphere necklace.

Masonry necklace.

Stayed tuned for Part II, in which I discuss more ceramics, prints and a pipe maker! Featuring the best conversations of the day and links to more artist websites.

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