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The Renegade Rundown, Pt. 2

December 6, 2010

I now present to you Part II of my two-part two parter on the Renegade Art Fair this weekend in Chicago’s Pulaski Park Fieldhouse. What a hoot. Enjoy! All of the images you see below are from the artists’ websites.

No. 4) Sonnenzimmer – Art & Print Studio

The prints on the wall drew me to Sonnenzimmer’s booth, but the work shown below and Nadine Nakanishi’s friendly conversationalizing that bid me stay for a longer than usual peruse. We talked about the virtues of reaching at art through an education in design, the frustrations of trying to keep a website fresh and her partnership with Nick Butcher, whose edition Topics is shown below. It’s a fascinating little box that contains 36 itsy bitsy screen prints that experiment with composition. I may have missed the point when I called it a game, but I can’t help feeling that it’s something I’d like to play with all winter break long.

Painting below from Nadine Nakanishi’s website, Yoneko.

Topics. A collection of thirty-six screen prints.

Partisan in Nature

No. 5) Maker and Maker – limited edition ceramics.

I kick myself for not bringing a camera to the fair, especially when it comes to the ceramics of Maker and Maker. The mug you see below gives an idea of the quality of craft and materiality of their ceramic pieces, but the real winners aren’t found on their website. They have a great flask and cup set as well as a friendly buffalo figure, which I learned can be custom ordered as a piggy bank. The current edition for sale mixes Americana with contemporary aesthetics and exudes boatloads of charm.

Here’s a link to their Etsy store, which I will be checking often in the hopes that it’s plentifully stocked soon.

Mug. And packaging.

No. 6) Wood House Pipes

Argh!! My kingdom for a camera! My last and final nomination for Best in Show also, unfortunately lacks great photos on his Etsy store, so you’ll have to take my word on the awesome factor of his work. In combination with the flask set from Maker and Maker above, these pipes would make a lovely gift for the old man type in your life.

Gina Style Bulldog Pipe.

Other notables from the show:

foldedpigs – repurposed restaurant ware.

Diana Sudyka – illustration.

Horrible Adorables – wonderful wonders by Jordan Elise.

Riproost – boxes made from reclaimed wood.

Judgeworks – posters, drawings, etchings.


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