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It’s ALIVE!!! (Part I: Getting Acquainted with What You Already Know)

February 17, 2011

'Airport', by Peter Fischli and David Weiss

The first task of this semester’s project is to use photography to document and explore places with which I assume I am familiar. Of course, this leads to the discovery that I know very little about my usual surroundings. It also leads me to discover that I have A LOT to learn about photography.

The photo above by Fischli and Weiss serves as a precedent in photography that beautifies the banal; I strive in the photos below to carefully represent the everyday atmosphere of Logan Square, a neighborhood on the brink of a cultural and economic shift. The photos below are selections from a larger set of site study images.

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  1. Tina permalink
    February 17, 2011 6:01 pm

    Nice. All of it. Favorite: “Costumers Parking.” I’ve always wanted a special parking spot. Now I know where I’m appreciated. For, I AM a costumer! Plus, I love that I’ve been to see you often enough in Logan Square to recognize some of the images. It makes me feel, well, all like a Mommy and what not.

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