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It’s ALIVE!!! (Part II: Questions)

February 23, 2011

Questions, projected onto wall, by Peter Fischli and David Weiss

Over several weeks, I wrote questions on numbered rolodex cards in an attempt to capture some of the humor and frankness in Fischli and Weiss project in the same vein. Pictured above is the installed incarnation of the Fischli and Weiss questions (now on exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago) in which handwritten questions are projected in flows onto the walls of a standard rectilinear room. Their questions are sometimes accompanied by simple drawings.

The installation of my questions consists of 48 easter-egg-colored cards planted in the collection of books used mostly by faculty in the School of Architecture office at UIC. I divorce my identity from the cards, leaving them as anonymous little surprises for those whom I would most like to interrogate. Once installed in a book, the questions blend in with all of the various post-its and bookmarks left by past researchers.

Is the cat in love with me? How many foxes have ever lived? Does the ghost in my old house miss me?


If I fail at architecture, should I become a burglar?


Why don't I fall down more often? Should I strive to become a bigger show-off?

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