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End of Semester Tenterhooks.

April 12, 2011

I just want everyone to know that tenterhooks was the word of the day from my Word of the Day email today. I love hooks of all kinds (shout out to Meathooks the cat – R.I.P. you little mustachioed snugglety poo). This word is particularly apt as graduation and the gaping maw of THE NEXT THING loom nearby and in the general area of every part of my life.

Also, I’ve had my first whack at creating a professional website. That is, a website for work with no swearing, very few hyphens and probably only one shout-out to my late cat.

Click here to see.

In conclusion, here is my current cat-friend Tubby basking in the spotlight. What a jerk.

Note: This blog post lacks professionalism and coherence. Meow.


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