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Word is the word. Word is a weird word. Word.

September 15, 2010

WNYC’s Radiolab went ahead and blew my mind, folks,with their broadcast (originally aired this August) called ‘Words’. The themes from this show rattle around in my brain constantly. From the show:

“What is thought without language?”

“All the personhood of a person is…a story you tell yourself. Identity is the story of what happened to that body over time.”–Paul Brucks, neuropsychologist

Nothing? and SAY WHAT??!!, respectively. I know these quotes are taken out of context, but I hope that they are enough to entice you to go and listen to this show. As a person long interested in the notion of human identity and in breaking free from traditional, dualistic thought (think souls and Descartes’ “I think therefore…”) I find the arguments and implications contained in ‘Words’ fascinating food for thought. Lots and lots if it. All in words. Well, and pictures, too.

The video above is a supplement to WNYC Radio Lab’s broadcast ‘Words’. (Listen to the full broadcast on Radio Lab’s website, here. I highly, HIGHLY recommend).

Jill Bolte Taylor’s comments on her experience living without the power of words is also inspiring. Without language, she says she couldn’t figure out where she ended and everything else began. Sounds nice, huh? I sure wish my brain chatter would shut the hell up sometimes. Like now. Or now. Ready….GO! OkayNOW! *sigh*

She is featured on the Radiolab show and a link to her TED talk, ‘A Stroke of Insight’ can be found here.

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