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It’s Friday…Look at These Friggin’….hrm…I mean…Ga zitten!

December 10, 2010

Furniture. Werniture. Learniture.

I love chair. And here are some for you to love, as well.

No. 1) From Valentin Loellman. Drool. Triple drool. Go look at everything on that website and prepare to feel desirous.

m. & mme. stool. I ask, "Whurr you headed with all yo crazy legs, huh?" (Also: "Please let it be my house.")

No. 2) Milk stools by Ellen Thomas. I would find something to milk if I had one of these puppies. Creepy?

Milk Series 1 & 2. I particularly love Series 2 with the gold cows on the underside of the seat.

No. 3) Nono Stool by Stefano Soave. Stool number three. I guess this post is about stools, then.

Me: "SAY something!!!" Stool: "Nono."


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