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Midterm Hiatus

September 27, 2010

Hello faithful and handsome readers! I write today with some sad news – that I will be taking a blog-o-break until about October 15 (unless I find something where I’m all, “OooOooOoo, I can’t help myself.”) It’s midterms soon and mama’s gotta focus…

I know you’ll miss me, but here’s some media that ought to keep you busy. And when you’re done with that, go run around the block a few times.

Whilst reading for my theory seminar last night, I came across a reference to the 1939 documentary, The City, and started sleuthing (i.e. YouTube-ing). I found it, of course, because everything ever is on the internet. What I ALSO found was this whole channel of awesome historic American films (from FasttrackHistory). Channel social studies class, folks….HA! GET it? Channel!!?? Hrm…..well, go ahead and watch little darlings. I’ll be seeing you in mid-October.

I’m posting Part I of Henry Ford’s Mirror of America and The City, head to YouTube to watch the rest. Make Mine Freedom is posted here in its entirety.

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